email timeline, big events from this blog
rebuild memory of what went down month by month
plan 2-3 episodes in advance
have a skeleton for the next 15 seasons
re-release making of, episodes
cream of the cream for making of
tee-shirts, graffitti

I have two podcast outcomes, to talk about the evolving desire to make movies and to rough out a making of documentary that could release with Daughter of God or be the father to Daughter of God.

what we get to think about

  • outline, topics
  • timeline <=> financials
    • email
    • this archive
  • entire arc of the show
  • out next episodes, next 2-3 episodes
  • poetry signals from a nearby now’


  • the rear window became a source of pain, because across the way were my lost friends
  • leaving DOG behind, why make an apocalyptic movie when the world needs… a little apocalyptic movie that’s come to save our world, a living story
  • sailing!
  • leaving NYC -> the natural flow of guidance, had to let them go AND how to know when i’ve entered someone’s darkness AND happily not taking others actions / inactions personally
  • Trevor pissed off at my departure, how did I give him unrealistic expectations? -> always enjoy clearly communicating my needs
  • Caring for Fabrice’s sick girlfriends because he couldn’t / wouldn’t -> be surrounded by people who deeply appreciate me and who I deeply appreciate, people who value compassion and caring
  • falling out the window hard – brief transition to non phyiscal

to see from both sides so far away


Pictures of people, faces. Here’s the hierarchy

Everything is for me (audience). 1) pictures of people 2) animals 3) things I made 4) places

Alright, now what? The poetry is nice, but Instagram is about pictures and movies. Each social media channel is it’s own thing. What are each best for at about?

Ello more wierdness
deviantart –  adept artists

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