From: Carmen Althaus <>
Subject: Visa
Date: May 26, 2006 at 9:16:41 AM EDT

Hey Dan

I send the Visa-thing 2 or 3 days ago. I guess you will recieve it in like 4 or 5 days. How are you doing.? šWill I get still this contract to sign?

O i miss you and the rest from the crew. I have learnt so much and about myself through you. After I left New York I went to Marseille to see Fred. We had a great time and also a few arguments. And I realise that I am going through a stage of my life where I have to learn to trust and let go of things like fear and selfdoubt. I can tell you this much, that I realize now that the arguments you and I had was because I was doubting myself and was afraid of failing. And that I am a very lucky person to have friends like you Dan and a boyfriend like Frédéric, who are patient enough and not judge me right away. When I think about this extraordinary experience we had, I have to cry of happiness, and wish I could have relxed a little more when I was there, instead of being afraid of failing and selfdoubting and making you miserable. I am sorry if I have made your life difficult, and thank you for giving me chance to grow.

There is something that I would be very helpfull if you could send me that. I want to cut a real together to apply for acting jobs, could you send me footage of Cabaret or at least a bit of it and the edited version or also footage of Daughter of God? I would be very greatful, cause most casters and agents want to see how you look on film and all that. I’d be really grateful.

By the way, did you get any news from Steve? Is there a way he can go back to NY and how is everybody else?

Ok love, have a great time

lots of love,


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