October 30


you know what I realized? I was recording my podcasts up in my sound booth so as to elliminate extra sounds like i do when I record commercially. but holy smokes, in episode one i had crickets and they were trying to tell me something. it doesn’t matter whether there’s extra sound or not, in fact it’s better to have a little whatever sound when you’re podcasting because that’s the real thing. and THEN I realized that I can include video too, I mean why not? Jil keeps telling me to put myself on camera, because I’m so cute and she makes beautiful little glorious sculptures so if anyone should know what cute is, it’s Jil. So I basically write and read these podcasts, there’s no reason I can’t read them in front of a camera, eh? is there? No there’s no reason not to. So here we are, you lucky people. more of me me me!

this means the whole house and grounds becomes a set. I can move around all over the place and all I need is my camera, my mic, i mean c’mon! I can open with a song just like I always do. We can do both an audio and video podcast. another level to that surely… oh boy, how do I do two podcasts?


What’s great about this movie? I am constantly reminded that the only way any of this is going to work is if I am radiant. If I feel the bliss in my body celebrate my experience and choose a celebration. That’s a constant real world practice. What do I have to celebrate today? What can I share to day that would be hilarious? Every day, not some make something up for the crowd, but a legitimate authentic this is me blissing out. This is how I bliss out. I recorded 3.5 hours of my desktop last night without sound. That’s kind of amazing that I didn’t even realize that was happening. Now as I record this, I can hear the clicks and feedback from from the external speakers. I wonder what would happen if I put the headphones in. Ready? So whar happened? It’s just me now typing. What I am learning here is another way of making a little poetry video 🙂 quick and easy. And that’s how we do this now. How cool. Gonna stop the recording now…

When I plugged in the headphones, recording shut down. However this does offer a great option for very fast movie making of writing. even if I am just copying my poetry to another page. Simple. Let’s try that quickly.

OK I tried making a movie of scrolling, and that’s fun. I could make a whole podcast just about reading the FAQs. This week, we FAQ the podcast. Or this week, the website converted into movies. What’s the making of Daughter of God, everything is on the website, we’ve resurrected famous actors to interpret the website for you. It’s just wierd for sure. There’s no rhyme of reason, let’s do this.

i woke up this morning with ideas for how to make quick movies and I have a lot of ideas. finding pictures of the cast, the best though is retyping. I wish I could live record Mac internal sound.

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