October 29


how about this idea? once daughter of god is posted for real, in the can and tested, and about to go to festivals, then we do a pre-production fundraiser for science fiction musical which blooms our support for DOG as well. It’s a way to sell DOG without seeming like we’re selling DOG, instead we’re selling science fiction musical raise $5000 for some sort of specific pre-production which is write the script or compose the songs, three writers workshops, jamming fests, storyboard

why you want to get involved with us – musicians, song writers, self starting actors, etc. upcoming projects which we’re interested in proposals for collaborations.

everything is for audience. 1) pictures of people 2) animals 3) things I made 4) places

fundraising is for building an audience

content flow, more and more.

music using the lyrics we have written so far

each week or two weeks sing the lyrics so far

be a content monster, we are a quasar of full spectrum expression!

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