the saucers are rising
from deep underground
and fire snorting demons?
in the sky, dropping down

let’s scavenge strings for the guitar
and a can of nitrous for our mad max car

the undead are swiping
american jobs
cause lemmings elected
that monsanto slob

wrecks jam the highways
from atomic mishap
there’s militia in your driveway
and all manner of crap

things could be worse
I’m not one to complain
there’s a big boat that I hide in
to stay out of the rain

a stash of pretzels and twinkies
and bronners castile soap
an unsnarled slinky
and a big bag of dope

to share
and ten thousand bic lighters are also there

the sunsets are amazing
this smartphone still works
and I just beat my high score
on the new angry birds

I kinda like the dinosaurs
I never seen a T-rex eat a bear before

ten thousand bic lighters from the old grocery store
and I know a place where there’s ten thousand more

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