The making of the Daughter of God podcast, 11+ years and Dan Kelly’s first featurette film.

A gentle, easy release for Daughter of God, starting with the inside track on her coming and what happened to Dan Kelly and his pals along the way. Real life tales of international intrigue, shadow governments, emotional meltdowns, metaphysical breakthroughs and not a little hilarity about the longest little movie ever. ‪#‎daughterofgodcast‬

The how and why

It all started with Michael Arron
It all started with Ali’s dress
It all started with

Where to start, that’s the question. Let’s just start and see where we end up

Micheal Arron > Blind Date > I can fix this! > $400 > Falling out because of terrible craft services > Palm Springs > Script.

Script > Carmen > Coming to NYC after wandering the earth >


This is the writing project optimized.

1) we get to tell stories sure, and what are the stories? that’s the essence. In every wild experience, we distill some thread and call it a story. pull some arbitrary sequence of events into a narrative, our idea of what happened. The whole storytelling process reveals what we most value and of course struggle with in the world. We are always talking about ourselves somehow, because it’s our choices that make the story.

Ask, what’s great about this story? What’s the shining peak, the dreaded pit? why does it matter, why would it matter to anyone?

2) we don’t have tons of time to dilly dally. this is a weekly podcast, so we’ve got to have 1000 words a week to record and maybe post a few pictures for. that means we’ve got to be crisp and clean, yes there will be time to meander down blind alleys, do my famous digressions, flashback and set up a rube goldberg sort of narrative contraption to catch the listener’s sparkle in, sure. We’ll learn how to do that clean and quick, so this is going to be a development of the style, big time. We’ve got to hammer it out, gesture, be super frank and courageous in just speaking from the heart, from our deliberately chosen truth.

3) remember not to go into axe grinding mode, it’s all a wonderful tapestry and that includes whatever I brought to the table that prompted people to act one way or another. What anyone said or did was just a reflection of what I was asking for FROM THEM at that time. It’s all good! That’s how I can love the whole process, look forward to reloving the past.

4) Tell the gritty truth but let us all shine. I imagine myself telling the story from our fullness, we’re all sitting around the cosmic campfire giving our versions from the perspective of the various human games, laughing at the goofy binds we felt from the contrast between what we are and what we thought we were.

5) report with dialogue, senses, sets and props.

The props. Ali’s dress, I wore it to my 20th highschool reunion. I was sick. I guess we want to wonder about what’s the peak experience in each story, it might change over time. I am reminded of all the other times I was sick, like when I took Laura Nendick to the prom eventhough I had the flu. I didn’t want to go, I was sick. but she didn’t have a date, and she was real upset. High school proms only come once you know. I remember Donna Glen coming out to the car to check on me. Some football moron grabbed my nipple and twisted it. did I ask for that, do I even know you? Aren’t we 10 years older now? Aren’t you glad I didn’t put you in the hospital, brother?

So what are the stories and why tell them? They are about the process of coming into my power. That’s what’s most interesting to me. Becoming an artist, and celebrating the sequence of awakenings. Getting to the threshold of my first release BEFORE we release.

What I said to Milagros last night – the actual film is a fraction of this experience. I want to look back from an Abraham Hicks perspective, the whole point is to laugh, to bask, to celebrate. Remembering the shine around everyone, yes there’s going to be intensity and contrast, high stakes. I get to lay bare my misconceptions and foibles, not to beat myself up but to thank that guy, because he was father to the me now, he took the adventure so that I could be.

Other outcomes

1) I start talking about the people involved so they can be sucked back in to the project. This means every time I get someone in the story, I can tag them.

2) Reassemble my scattered tribe, building perhaps to a HUGE release party at the Garden or maybe the Cherry Bowl.

3) emulate the Rich Brauer success model – it’s not about the movie, it’s about the groundswell of excitement and involvement that everyone starts to, gets to feel. Yes, I am intimately involved in this project because I’ve listened to the podcasts, I’ve gotten bitten by the people and the stories surrounding this crazy epic. Then the next step that Dan Kelly learns how to take, mobilizing this international secret society to bring DOG to the wider world.



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