There seems to be a lot of hoopla about the release Daughter of God. Why all this build-up, why not just freaking show us the movie?

Because Daughter of God isn’t just a movie, but a guide for the flowering of human potential.

Any clown can make a movie, maybe even make a living making movies. We’re after bigger fish. We’re making triggers, catalysts for bringing on the world-wide big love. Hot! Eleven years of Dan Kelly intense focus isn’t something to be taken lightly, folks. We gotta ease into this. We gotta prepare the planet a little bit.

[We’re here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. Excerpt]

Wait, are you talking about the Daughter of God, Keanu Reeves cop thriller from 2015?

Keanu and Mira’s Daughter of God was renamed Exposed. I gotta say, Keanu’s agent really whiffed, clearly he’s not fully up to speed on the latest temporal transcendance technology. That 2016 movie was the totally the wrong movie! Keanu needed to bump into me in Chinatown in 2005, not 2015! Then HE would have gotten the part of Gerry instead of Steve Zilliax. Steve could have played Uncle Joe, or vice versa. I would have found something for Keanu, honest.

[copyrighted script]

Instead, Keanu gets totally sideswiped in the time space continuum and entangled making this other Daughter of God – way too late. Where did that go, I ask you? A chance to inspire a planet and instead another gritty cop show. We decided to delay release of our Daughter of God to give Keanu’s film a fighting chance.

That’s how we like to roll, doing favors for our future best friends. Like helping out Vigo Mortengenson and The Road. We scouted and shot at the awesome abandoned turnpike in Breezewood, PA in 2007, and the next thing you know, their location people are all over it in 2008. Just like we planned.

So if we still gotta wait for the movie, what’s going to happen starting in August of 2016?

Our crack team of avatars, precogs and psycho historians will decide what to drop and when depending on 1) griping by our groupies 2) apparitions in the sky, 3) behavior of cats across the internet, 4) availability of fresh local produce, and/or 5) weather. Here’s the abridged list of what’s in the queue.

The slightly redacted Daughter of God deep development archive. 11 years of rants, notes, story fragments, and so much more. Fully searchable, over 200,000 words! Mostly readable. Includes original music and images. All free! All open source!

The trailer suite including Flash, Girl Power, Most Apocalypse, Gerry’s Garden of Delights and Extended Bonus Ultimate Definitive Turbo.

The Daughter of Godcast Podcast. Episodal stories about the whole crazy adventure and 11th hour enhancement narrated and illustrated by the Director with special guests from around the world and maybe even channeled from beyond the physical.

She’s Coming, The Making of the Daughter of God, a documentary

Daughter of God Featurette Festival Screener

Daughter of God Directors Cut

Daughter of God Spanish, Mandarin, French and Japanese language overdub

Daughter of God wearables

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