How would it feel to know strength and amazing abilities were inevitable? That health and vigor were a given? That all the aches and pains are definitely going to replaced by incredible pleasure and ease? What would I do if I knew that transformation was happening, that all my preferences are being met, that my decision to feel awesome in every aspect is in the process of manifesting. I’d relax into the fascinating process, relax and enjoy each aspect of the transformation. The becoming sequence – now – in real time.

Just like in ALM when we’re prepping Hello World, that’s excitement, that’s the sped up anticipation, epic readiness for adventure. There’s a reason that’s cool, because we KNOW that Hello World does get finished, the gear does get packed and the expedition does launch. We know it’s got to happen.

Story – challenge, preparation, attempt, failure, inspired preparation and transformation, success. We are in the inspired preparation, the awakening. We’ve lived a life of trying and effort, now there’s an inspired preparation. I know my inevitable fullness now incarnate, I can feel all my power coming alive. I am both worthy and capable, everything is now available for me, I only have to relax, take exhilarating action and watch, enjoy. Celebrate the process feeling the absolute certainty of the auspicious outcomes, feeling what these outcomes mean to me. Revel and shine.

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