Enough with the complaining. And I don’t want to fake it until I make it. i want a flourishing connection with the divine. with magic. I want a solid and unshakable confidence in the utter excellence of my life. I want to shine like the crazy sun, brighter. A hundred suns. I want I want I want. So we’ve got to find ways to live this right now. What’s the opposite of complaining??? Celebrating. Appreciating. Marveling. Basking.

I’ve got to get right down to the business of feeling terrific in every way I know how. this habit of rehearsing the past – boring. Explaining where I came from – wasted time. I don’t need to say this is what happened UNLESS I am clarifying what I want. I want to read inspiring words, listen to inspiring talk. I want to surround myself with the achievements of epic heros and heroines who just believed things into being, felt themselves alive.

I want to talk and write more about what I want and how it makes me feel to dream it real.

This accounting – how good am I going to feel when it’s done, when I am caught up? How competent and capable will I feel? I am not going to be distracted, I want to think about how great wrapping up the accounting is going to feel. Three words…



Possibility / Freedom

Three more…





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