From the wall (re-release SFM and DOG)
open source reputation economy advocates

  • software
  • soma
  • podcasts

cast and drew networks – Carmen et al
innes and other professionals
benzie county boosters
any manufacturers – cameras, models, etc.
any tutorial
any plug-in
michigan film
regional arts
podcasts – volunteer narration, illustration
pkd, watts, adam curtis, ester

  • martijn, laurence
  • advisors
  • visionaries

capture all DV-CAM media
opportunites for cross promotion ed catton, hamlet ?

To build networks by assimilating existing networks. Connection with Rusty at Soma, send them an image and contract. Also StarshipSofa, but they have not as yet sent any work to narrate. The efforting is (once again) without efficacy, so it’s got to be FUN. Here’s some fun ideas.
Make illustrations available for use on podcasts, open source
more auditions for podcasts, other genres

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