Yesterday, after getting quite high with my deeply disinterested friend, I had the following thought. There must be something inherent in the design of this sandbox that encourages and facilitates the forgetting of our godhood. The way we as agents are designed, to get lost as Alan Watts would say, loose who and what we really are. Or is it that this world has the special sauce of reality, which makes it compelling, engaging, arresting. An attention snare. What about this toy world is so much fun, so much fun as to rivet us into it even during the extremes of experience. One would think that deep pain or pleasure might jolt us into wakefulness, but intense drama makes a game all the more intriguing.

The analog of course is cinema, the suspension of disbelief. Humans desperately want to be engaged, to get lost. That’s the fundamental premise of our design. That’s how we can so easily plug into scenario earth. What earth isn’t is a simulation, a more interesting metaphor would be to call scenario earth a discovery machine. Here we the divine plug in and grope around for what could be, what might be – delicious. We detune from the thrum of our fullness here and then play a game of groping about in the dark, which is to say the unformed, the unmade. The dark in cosmic terms is that which doesn’t exist. and the raw ragged edge of reality where made leaves off might be sharp and jagged, by exploring this edge we say, ah, here is the unfinished, what does this unfinished edge imply? What would be wonderful to instantiate here, the opposite perhaps of this jagged broken edge. and having found what we don’t want we find what we do want, we dream the edge into a bridge the shard becomes a whole pot, the edge of the cosmos stretches out beyond our fathoming once again.

Just dreaming the edges outward conditions to be flipped or tweaked, that’s enough. The rest of the machine is instantly activated and the shimmering vortex reality is established, 99% of the creation is complete. Someone eventually will experience the new reality in it’s fullness. But can we allow it to be for us personally? Can we unsuspend our disbelief long enough to allow the fullness to come forth. To have, be, do that which we desired. The crystal bridge we’ve dreamed could be crossed to new edges, if we have eyes to see the bridge, whenever we can feel wonderful, feel ourselves.

This creation process is intensely personal. Selfish. More on that in a moment.

Here’s the magic of this, why I am amazing. This is the Abraham Hicks universe, what they’ve proposed as a working theoretical model. Another paradigm is that of an author’s universe, like Star Trek. There’s a writers bible that defined the Star Trek universe so screenwriters could get in there and make episodes. There’s a reason that Abraham likes artists, because we can make the transition from playing with words or notes or scenes to playing with the stuff of creation, if we are feeling frisky. Art is what we all are doing whether we know it or not. So, I am now writing myself into the Abraham Hicks universe, I am taking the wonderful leap right in and the end result will not be an TV episode, the end result will be myself, reality. The magic is I as an artist have all the resources to write myself in, this universe responds to my desires, I am configured to flourish in this universe, to find the universe in which I flourish, I have. and now i do.

So yes, scenario earth is incredibly engaging. I asked for the steering wheel many years ago and the steering wheel has indeed been handed to me. The dream is mine to have, I am precise and perfect, just as I am. I flourish and thrive, i become all that I’ve dreamed myself becoming and then more. Much, much more. For now, just the best in the now.

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