I am sure I’ve said this before plenty of times in my life. Realize my full potential. What’s that actually mean? My stars! My full potential is as big as the universe, do I dare to be all that I am? I’d love to, I’d love to flow even 1% of what I am. Humans flow maybe .000001, these are just made up numbers of course, but the great sages who are (probably) not in the newspapers or on TV don’t flaunt their connection, they just enjoy themselves. Noteriety could in some respects hinder the fun. You don’t need to be famous to hug a tree.

So who knows how many humans are out there being god in the privacy of their own remote cabins or walk up apartments. They don’t act because they experience the well being of the cosmos and ARE the well being of the cosmos.

I don’t want to struggle to establish the well being of the cosmos, I want to be the well being of the cosmos. I want to be one of those wonderful redwoods that stands 1000 of years and is just oozing vitality. I don’t mind being a shit machine when everything works so nicely and easily. When hooked in and grooving, being human is a dern good time.

Conversely, action for fun and adventure sounds terrific. Launching all manner of wild explorations, that’s what I am already doing – making them bigger is only worthwhile if I’ll have expanded joy and delight. So bringing on the kids HAS to fit my idea of a good time. I don’t want an artificial family.

and a good time, what is that? I’ve got to have some basis. A baseline of fun that I am definitely having. Fun is a practice.

Paying attention to emotions, reaching for more ease and grace. Taking the having of fun very seriously which means – opening up to fun often, radiating fun and pleasure and thus experiencing fun and pleasure, fun and pleasure are the overflow of confidence and well being. That’s connection to source, connection to the subtle knowing of my full being. This idea of contrast > desire > blooming is basic, what I’m going to give more attention to is the blooming. I’ve done blooming before, I can do blooming, now I want to bloom more audaciously than ever EVER in my life, I want to bloom magnitudes more than ever before, forget about before, there’s no comparison. Yes I know how to bloom, or at least to get started, but the blooming ahead is what I’d like to offer as the full bloom, which means no struggle and pleasure like crazy. joy in such abundance. power surging through my being. fully human, what a human can be.


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