I want to feel good. I want to feel confident and powerful. I want to feel charismatic and attractive. I want my body to blossom with vigor, radiance and health. I want to practice feeling wonderful until excellence and joy is my dominant presence. I want my teeth and gums to repair themselves. Driving to Leland is too much effort. There has to be an easier way. Right here and now, there is an easier way, ALWAYS.

Ok the path of least resistance. What feels better? What feels easy? Choosing joy. What’s worth thinking about, what can I think about that has no charge at all? What thoughts are exciting? Who are my allies? Who can I think about that just makes me feel encouraged? How can I foster inspiration? What about dedicating myself to a whole course of joy? What can I do right at this moment?

I want to choose joy consistently. I want to make one relationship my priority above all others, ALWAYS. I want my own connection to my full self to be first. All I have to do is pay attention to how I feel and remember that I want to feel good! I want to feel good all the time. What am I willing to do to really live, which means feel wonderful right now. I am willing to pay attention and constantly feel the power flowing. Star Wats and the Force are weak analogs to what really is, I JUST FELT IT. If Star Wars is insidious, it’s only because it doesn’t go far enough, it makes the idea of access to the force seem tricky or based on genetics. The point is the forgetting of who we are is built into this scenario, but I can remember. The option to remember is available, that’s what every yogi and sage keeps trying to say.


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