March 1

OK, the Clarion entry had problems and I am guessing that there was too much effort associated with that, I really don’t care whether I get in. I do kind of care about getting published. I am guessing there are markets for my sexy stories but again, this is an exploration. Writing is easy for me, at least it is when the stakes are low. Maybe that’s the benefit of not succeeding, the stakes for me are very low, I don’t really care. If I got into Clarion I might consider going, I could also just try and get a bunch of work published before May and then I could just say, “you know, I’m doing fine on my own. I found some markets and I’m out there.” and then I could just allow someone from the wait list to take my place. So that’s an interesting scenario if I get in, and I could run the same scenario if I don’t get in.

Now, there’s only so much time before I get to play with Kaitlin today, so I want to rev up right now. Being happy is my priority and I can notice all day long how I feel and maybe even document.


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