having Joe AND melonie over today


I am waking up still quite dark, but what’s amazing is how the universe is consistently getting me up around 5-ish to get started on the day. That feels exciting. I am gonna play a little guitar and feel good.

played a little even recorded a little. beginning to feel the power in my voice. training, gentle and consistent. dreams are coming true. dream bigger than anyone I’ve ever met and allow more than anyone dare.

So if you’re going to dream big dreams like I have, then you (me) has gotta figure out how to let them come true. how to allow them into our experience. This is god talking by the way. This you me us we, that’s all us you me we too, s’all the same. so i is good, it’s healthy better than you really because we get in this habit I do of talking to others and using you when we mean I and we or me.

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