That’s what magical reality is, feelings, feeling great and purposefully creating the ease, delight, pleasure, excitement and joy in my body. Surrounding myself with the feelings. Yes, I can confirm that my life is changing for the way better, especially now I have discovered soaring beyond apparency. 🙂 Imagination is the core power. Vivid imagination places us into an actuality, a ready for physicality being, doing or having, glowing with glorious feeling. Imagination is a teleporter not in some metaphoric sense, it actually gets us to the pre-physicality, it puts the detailed blueprints in our hands, shows us the bank balance for the contractors, presents the weather forecast as ideal for our outcomes, the open schedules for the perfect team of crack collaborators… Everything is in readiness your fabulousness, as per your instructions. All we have to do is feel the radiance of the becoming, the happening, the manifestation. That’s what magical reality is. That’s what Abraham is offering. Get into the feeling. Feel. The. Joy.


Here’s the wonder wonder wonder. I am now perhaps stepping beyond everyone I currently know, sharing this isn’t a priority. There might be a few, but I don’t feel a mandate to teach or advocate for my epiphany. What I am discovering is a lifetime of experience. I can teach this surely, but I am most excited about living it. [snip]  I can teach, now tho I want to fly, I want to soar and leave the tentative on the ground, I don’t want to convince the stubborn or coax the fearful. I want to live my full wizardy, let’s see what this virtuosity can really do. I so want to open my own heart, let me experience my full guidance, the full power of intuition. I want to embrace my feelings and be able to cry when crying is nigh. Laugh when laughter echoes everywhere. Shout and dance and feel angry even because I know what all of this is now, emotions are awareness and pose the delicious questions, what oh best beloved do you/we want? All groovy things.

I soar beyond apparency, imagination IS being. Imagining offers / instantiates an actuality, which I can connect to and align with, which feels like some flavor of great. I hallucinate the most fabulous and feel deeply, oh I revel, I bask, I luxuriate. I am having a little contest with myself, what’s the most amazing excellent things doings beings I can imagine, how wonderful can I feel? The growth of my joy and delight, that’s my quest, my exploration, my grand experiment. I grow my bliss, and soaring beyond apparency is helping so much. I go right to my creative core, I am in that fantastic control room of my fall, this IS where I was, holy smokes. Live in the grand bliss, bring others along if they’ll come happily and enthusiastically. Elsewise, bye bye. 🙂 LOVE THIS.

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