That was the kicker that got her to cut me off once and for all. HOW DARE HE. Well, girl. Dan Kelly grew a pair, finally and he’s been suffering ever since, but he damn well grew a pair and maybe in the greater scheme of things it was for the best. Because maybe he grew a pair to finish his movie and his accounting too. Maybe he grew a pair to live his fucking life like a goddammned super hero wizard warrior. We’ll see won’t we?

I want to be surrounded by dazzling intrigue. I want my life to be a glowing sensuous bobble that I just can’t delighting in. I want to breathe in the magic, feel thrilling. I want to feel mastery in being me, song, story and SEDUCTION. I want to live for myself and be surrounded by people who are so excited to contribute to my BLISS, they live to bring more sparkle to me, because playing with me inspires them to awaken to all they are too. High class women, deeply affectionate and ready to rumble auspiciously to materialize out of nowhere. I want robust health and vigor, I want this house to be a thriving environment for all the best from all of us.

I am surrounded by dazzling intrigue and my right now life (who I bloom into from JOY) is a glowing sensuous bobble I can’t look away from, I ONLY want to think and feel my excellent becoming because it’s so dang sweet.

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