February 9

The Future

The young are the singularity, the young pass beyond the understanding of anyone who seek to end the process of surprise in their lives, who seek to render the world predictible

The kids in my story are older people who choose to backup their bioage.

Let’s be clear here. I have a very specific goal and that is to be published. Jim can get me published – he has taken the time to learn what is publishable and what is not. 90% of that is the current convention and maybe 10% is his aesthetic, or maybe 5%. He’s telling me what will get me in the door, so look at this for exactly what it is and nothing else. This is the golden ticket to ticking off this item on my bucket list, my master plan.

Whether I dominate in the field later or not is irrelevant. Whether I eclipse him or become the dark horse in the race, who cares? I may not want to become part of the science fiction “community” if I have to then safeguard my good reputation as an actual human, not challenge my friends comfortable perceptions of me.

Right now the only friends I am have are those who love me, AND revel in the idea of me being fully alive and free. Intentionally. There’s no one I have to worry about offending, because everybody who was going to be offended by who I am and what I want already have been. The rest might be a bit wary, because a man who ALMOST finds his bliss is very dangerous indeed. To cultivate the energy of being thwarted, that’s very volitile.

Well, I am blooming into my bliss, NOW. All I’ve got to do is bloom, that’s my prime directive. Just feel good and relaxed.

Ok, now what?


I appreciate this opportunity and it was fun brainstorming with him, but his conversation about not doing something intriguing because she was worried about the community’s sensibilities about what he should and shouldn’t do.


Billy, I am sorry but I need a friend right now. How old are you really?

What do you mean, you know how old I am, I’m 13.

No I mean how long have you actually lived?

As far as I know, I am actually 13 years old. Unless my memory has been slipped and a lot of things around my life have been totally simulated. That’s weird to think about.

You are your Minkey… are pretty saavy and that’s, uh, cute. Whatever. It’s interesting to me. I’m not angry, actually. I’m feeling scared.

How come? Of me? Because it wasn’t that hard. Well ok, it was hard but I did it ’cause I’m kinda into you, and I’m great and all sure, but it’s like you made me great. Er. Greater.

Well, yes and… no. No, I guess I am not afraid of you like that. Look, ok? Jankers. I don’t think you’re one, but…

Hahaha! You think I’m a janker!

No, I don’t know whether you are or not, probably not but I’m not going to immerse with you until I am sure you’re not. How can you prove this to me?

Shoot Christina, don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought you were a leading edge kind of girl. We’re both sitting on piles of hard assets, piles of skulls actually and we didn’t ask for that but here we are. Our families are pirates and plunderers and we are NEVER supposed to talk about that outside the family, but we’re both young and stupid and live to to break rules. We’re not supposed to play with the bones of the conquered and subjugated, but every kid does, through all of human history, right? We dig up the shit and roll around in it, then I guess when people get old enough they pack away the toys and go commit another genocide or whatever. Or they overdo intense pleasure and burn out. I thought you were down with being all dangerous and stupid with me, I…

Look Billy, how the fuck am I supposed to believe you’re 13 when you talk like that? You don’t sound like a 13 year old, you sound like a fucking journalist!

Christina, whoa, wow, stop, ok? Look, I’m sorry I dug up that stuff about your family and if I know something about you that’s scary I’ll never, ever tell anyone, I only did this ’cause I really, you know, like you. And you know, I was showing you my best peacock feathers, but I’m just a stupid kid, ok? I’m not a janky creeper who backed his bioage to cruise the school for preteen dick and pussy or to mind fuck kids in full immersion. I can’t prove I’m not, right now, I don’t think I can, no definitely not. Talk about an existential crisis! Can’t I even fall in love like a normal kid? Am I who I think I am? Fuck me if I know. Wouldn’t that fuck all if as well as sitting on top a pile of skulls I’m not even a kid. Look, I’ve got secure acuity like you can’t imagine, my family is… well, William Shatner! If I tell you what my family is, then you’ll have something on me and…

No! Billy. Don’t tell me anymore. Just stop, let me breathe a little. Check this – I do like you. A lot. What you’ve done is clever and… very impressive. I trust your acuity, obviously to be capable of breaking this, my clan’s acuity you’ve got to have something pretty special in that Minky of yours. So, here’s our situation, let me know what you think. Are you silky?

Yes, yeah, what?

Our bet was if you could piss me off, I’d full immerse with you. You didn’t piss me off, you just scared me. That’s different. You went too far. That’s not sexy, at least not to me. So far so good?


You are amazing though, so I still want to play. I want you to find a way to prove to me that you are really only 13. That’s probably going to involve artifacts from RL, right? If you can bust our acuity, you can fake just about any certificate or authority. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you’re smart and so’s your Minkey. My Minkey is freaking sleek black, so I am not just boosting your ego, I know what I’m talking about. You can’t fall in love like a regular kid until you know you are one, and I want to know you are too. SO. You figure that out and well full immerse… or something better.

Better, you mean like sex? Body sex?

This body is hardly ready for sex… I don’t know.

Like use other bodies?

No… I’m not saying. Probably not body sex but… super intimate. That’s my secret for now. If you can do it, then full immersion or this other option you might want more, that’ll be your choice when, if you win. There’s the new bet. Oh, and your proof cannot include any family skeletons, I don’t want to know anything dirty about your peeps. Ha! And here’s one more condition. Young kids like us have a short attention span, so you’ve gotta make this happen in 3 days, or else I’m going off planet.

You know, I don’t know why you think I’m a janker from the way I talk. I don’t think I sound like I’m old, you talk just like I do.

Huh, well girls are smarter than boys generally, we mature faster. You’re just seem way too sharp for a 13 year old boy, super Minkey or no. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief though… for 3 days.

Thanks, I guess. Wow. So we’re still friends?

I want to be. Like I said, I really need a friend right now.

That’s me then. Swell.

Some slag…

Modified with the clandestine and virulent virtuosity unique to his elan, Billy’s Minkey was capable of more than mere mind links and data snifting, it was spook magic, able to snap secure acuity like breadsticks, penetrating the veils of anonimity that the other great elans

Reading was fine for the information age, but now?

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