Again, now that I am awake and typing, I want to sleep again. I am so cozy writing, it’s a pretty funny dichotomy. I liked Clerks. It has some great writing if not stellar acting, and moments of excellent timing. It almost seemed like all the actors were super amateur in that obvious way, aspiring but still wooden and barely memorized their lines.

I want to deeply experience emotions for no reason at all, just because I decide to.

oh, no food after 9 might be worthy

more dream, and the rowboat was swamped up on shore, more out than in, but still full of water. splashing waves?

I can get so many people invested in my project through the ruse / vehicle of feedback. What do you think of this? Once I achieve my vision, I’ll certainly be interested in testing just for the pleasure of watching others experiencing, also of establishing my presence as the force to be reckoned with here in Northern Michigan. I can invite various cliques from M3 to come down seperately and get their feedback, asking them to not talk about the experience with others until I’ve had a chance to take notes. Also, friending every NYC client on facebook. I mean everyone I can think of who might or could be tangentally related to DOG becomes part of the outreach juggernaut. When we are truly close, I mean pretty much cut and taking notes, we can start the gentle reconnection building up to the full release.

I’ll need a big screen and reliable sound with hilarious eclectic seating and blackout paper, plus food. I’ll create such a charmed space that folks will remember their experience here and want to give DOG the biggest boost an indy film has ever seen. Then I’ll reveal the whole process once the project has launched and is kicking ass.

So I’m up and awake. I just sent a tweet requesting the universe connect michael moore and david wolfe. I wonder what that will initiate 😉 wonderful solution. leading edge and step back.

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