Oh, and I am so looking forward to recharging my twitter, linkedin, launching facebook, getting it all synched up and humming, all the team members

+1231499—-, +1231944—-

Gentle reminder. Waves of excellence are rising up. If you’re interested in riding waves of excellence with some of your favorite people, try to describe what that looks like for you on a blog. Like for instance the blogs you have yet to (re) colonize. Or you can just continue to kinda drift. It’s ok to be 20 something and drifty, but what if you actually had a super vital secret mission on earth waiting to be discovered? What then, sexies? Would you want to know?

Just sent that to the girls. I wonder if I can get them both fired up to represent themselves a little more audaciously. Nudge nudge. Everyone will be catching fire soon enough, whoever is supposed to be on the fabulous space ark with me. I’ll only poke and prod if it’s FUN!

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