February 2

I have a unprecedented opportunity in my life. I know what works. Not suspect, know. I have clear evidence that attending to what I want, feeling the constant radiance which underlies my entire life experience, being an ever blooming phenomena is transforming my reality, the phenomena of manifestations. My health HAS improved significantly, I am closing in on accounting, (which aside from clearing my tax liability means having accurate financial information both for projects and perhaps more compelling, personally), I am starting to find my voice and getting more comfortable with guitar, finding awesome songs I really like and learning the new chords that will be the basis for song writing, I am having so much fun with DOG now, I am getting clear about who I want near me, what sort of energy I want to cultivate, the universe is organizing the best poeple to be near and the path is clearing. I’ve got a solid starting workspace with photo stage, i love this house even more everyday.

the opportunity to at last keep going with my becoming that I actually do experience al that I am and then just bloom on. What I imagine myself to be, know is underlying. Describe this being, this stellar presence on earth.

A man who is free in thought and action. Who lives in truth. The truth of spectacular existence, of seeing from the perspective of source, or how things ARE. Glorious, delicious, amazing, love pervasive. We are all involved in an epic improvisational mostly immersive dungeons and dragons game, we have characters that we play and agendas that we run, and we get very attached to outcomes and plan and scheme and imagine most of the “realness”. Stories are important because they are the simplest vehicle for experiencing our storyness. We are a story, each of us that can be changed at any time.

The story of me is this – just before he turned 53, Dan Kelly got it. All the training and inquiry and open hearted adventure edged into awakening and he experienced the glorious game, stood outside for a moment. Got the jist of how to play virtuousically. What happened then is the story, a wonderful story, a hilarious, heart opening, glorious shindig. A shine like stars that enlivened the earth, he became one of the new secret gods walking on earth. Secret in the sense that god has to be secret, else the whole show is over. What if there were gods awalking? Of course there are, and I am now one. Fresh from the factory. Here we go.

I want to feel joy moving through me. I can feel joy, my capacity for experiencing joy is certainly growing, gradually. I am really looking forward to joy most of the time. SO here’s a thought experiment.

If we ask for more joy, then the only way to experience more is to look back and compare our present experience of joy to some past lack of experience so we can know the concept of more. we had this much, now we have this much so that activates the concept, the experience of MORE.

Here’s a quick aside about spending all this money for movies. If I can make a movie that sends the game far and wide, (Game, Play) and I end life having spent all of everything on these vehicles, then well done. What’s the resources for except to make art? Some love the making of the raw resources for their own sake, others are about transforming the resources to create beauty. I like the idea of doing both, why not?

So the idea of MORE requires a looking back to lack, or less than. What was. I am not afraid of what was, but I am so much more interested in what is, what I am about now. What the now offers and being now. I literally don’t want more than I have, because more is a transition (time/space) from one state to another. For instance, consider drinking water. If I am thirsty, I drink water. I don’t want MORE water, I want WATER. I want to DRINK. So I go and experience water and drinking asap.

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