10 years ago, I started making a movie and you were there! Yes – YOU. Way back then I heard your dreams, marveled at your genius, documented your dance, shared vegan pancakes on spring mornings, got on your shit list and did my best to encourage your orgasms. Like an elephant or a good dog, once I love I never forget, not a single one of you.

The movie I started has turned out to be a time machine, and I’ve used it to get younger. I see you from a space time 10 years fresher and lighter than 2006. We all shine so bright right now.

For you possibly, NYC in 2006 is only dimly recollected. There’s been babies and tenure and divorce and rehab, a hundred performances, 37 committed relationships, 10 flu seasons, 1000 hours of Netflix and 3 Star Wars theatrical releases.

Well, I’m here to tell you, MY movie is done. A little behind schedule, but since we haven’t yet experienced the heat death of the universe, perfect timing.

I invite you to help me bring it to the world. After all, you were there at the inception, at the sexy mess that got the Daughter of God going. If you’re still nursing old resentment, get some therapy. You were my friend so you’re still my friend and you’re invited to jump in on what promises to be a big hot load of FUN. This is the now. Welcome.



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