January 24


It’s 11:30 pm and I gotta say there’s a lot of bliss here for me, in the shack. I just want to say how lucky and amazing I feel to be finding my full being. More and more I am just in a state of delight and focus. Today I played the guitar and felt very relaxed and easy in playing and singing. I am getting more adept at remembering to feel wonderful often. I don’t want to allow others to bounce me out of where I am blissed and beautiful. today I let both my mom and my brother knock me out slightly. My dad likes love, likes being remembered. He came to the door as I was leaving looking for hug. I am the only brother who keeps the music going. Grandpa Redling comes close to me when I am playing and Grandma Redling sings along and SMILES. I am so grateful I’ve found my way. Today I was up here and owning the land and feeling I am young, I am totally free in time. I have been in the perspective of source more and more, a lot! So it’s a little late, granted… I don’t want to go to sleep, being alive is getting better and better, more exciting to stay awake and love life. Today I found a fly on one of the buckets. I thought to myself, brother (sister) how have you survived all this time with nothing. I got some apple juice on a paper towel and slid it up to him/her. He moved in an drank. That was really beautiful. I don’t know what else to do for you fellow life friend, I gave you what I could, your alignment brought me to you. As I am lavished and blissed, so too I am become the instrument of lavishment and bliss. Health is flowing to me, I can feel my body and presence CHANGING.

The dinosaur is getting clean, bit by bit. I learned how to take him completely apart today. I also had another insight, and that was along with incorporating open source software in my project, I can also credit all the companies that contributed to the project, every dang ebay vendor, 3B skeleton company, the mini-skeleton company. Then there could be an email blast to all of them, a letter of thanks prolly would be best. Hi, just wanted to complement you on your product. I recently completed a short film, (http://dogthemovie.com) and used your product for visual effects support and the results were great. I’ve included your company in the credits. Thanks very much for a great product. MORE and MORE and MORE stakeholders checking out the website, the facebook page, posting in their email blasts. I could even code the urls and emails to see who visits, landing pages.


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