January 15

Well I’m in the soup now. 😮 I’ve scheduled the accountant and the lawyer to meet with me in 6 days, not including today. My only chance is to bring a huge wave of happiness rolling over my entire existence, washing away and tumbling me around in the surge and blur of the surf, until I can get my feet under and pop my head into the air and breath breath breath, laughing, whoa, what a ride. I am counting on laughter and joy to bring me through. That’s my only “strategy” now. Just feeling good consistently.


Golly, I am glad to have this deadline for the accounting. I created this, I called forth the representatives. That was cool that Tim wanted a meeting. I clearly see that as magic, as the universe lining up. Encouragement. Now there is /this is an event, a stretch of time to fit the completion into. This feels like accomplishment. This feels like completion happening. Wow. I like this a lot. I am really glad. The best part is I can have fun, so much fun in the next 6 days taking care of one thing after another, really giving myself to the process and observing, this is coming to completion, I am completing this. Reveling in the experience, I am not so much celebrating the end, I am celebrating that I know now how to do. How to revel and bask, I am celebrating the part of me that loves to do this, that is into the wholeness of balance and clarity, these numbers are correct, these dates are correct, this is accurate, this is complete, this makes sense, i understand, I am can see the way. This is fucking fun. That’s what I am celebrating. I love to do, I am loving the completion, I am loving catching up to myself, I am loving bringing a huge miracle right into the middle of my right now.

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