Yesterday I made significant inroads at the shack and decided what I wanted to do as far as configuring the space.


up to the shack

started cleaning skeletons

success with dinosaur in removing paint

processed old oil and other products in cans


set up give away piles

dinner with rents, tried engaging patrick, but he still seems reticent and disinterested

deployed art tent and figured out new configuration of the shack – as we entered starting with right side and all the way back, clean – organ with electronics, maybe piano eventually then moving forward photo studio with cyclorama followed by weight area, then project queue. On the left and all the way to the back, model assembly and detail with precision tool shelves then moving forward airbrush and spray booth, eventual deployment of drill press and chop saw, etc shelves with tools and buckets, rock cutters and saws. Possible to curtain off left and ride side if operations should get dusty. Eventually project queue is processed and room to pull in cars.

home and facebook

bouncy for 10 minutes

ate a snack

watched marx brothers

bed 11-ish

meditation 2-3 rounds

decisive bliss = 2 hours

physical practice = 10 minutes

financials / accounting = 0

DOG master = 0

model building, miniatures = 2 hours

music = 5 minutes

simplify / breathability, clarify and readiness = 6 hours

visual, sculpting / stories, lyrics, poems


there were no drifts blocking my way when I got to the shack

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