January 7, 2016

yesterday the feeling of well being was easy. i love feeling good! here’s what happened. The big computer started acting a little funky, so after basic diagnostics of restarting in safe mode and resetting the pram, then calling Zeb I made the decision to bring it in immediately to City Mac to have it diagnosed for hardware errors. Zeb said that Intego virus protection was causing boot issues. I shopped for lycra swim suits and couldn’t find my size, went to oryana for supplies, came home. Then I went back to work on bringing the skeletons into the bike shot. It’s fairly wonderful, encouraged. I am excited to extensively rebuild the entire project, so that each new element can be appreciated in the full context of the story and suggest related magic. I also started a collection of cosmic orchestrations so I am on the lookout, “magic” on the iphone.

I want to lounge in the vortex no matter what drifts by, I want to remember that I am the only one who decides my joy, who can choose bliss. In fact, I really like when I am self focused, energizing the delights of my life with attention and imagination.

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