Notes for Arron Dennis


I am looking to have more regional VFX help to wrap my persistent short, Daughter of God. There are two of us working currently, not including my Indian roto contractors who I’ve sidelined for the moment.

You might help with the polishing of composites, visual problem solving and perhaps original design work (or Chelsea) – the story incorporates a lot of low bandwidth advertising, think animated newspapers.

You might be available for remote work in February and would like to see the working cut of the project while you consider a weekly rate. Currently the last build is over a year old, and there are many more polished elements and revised placeholders to incorporate. A current build is in progress, likely by December 15, prolly sooner.

Ok, thanks for being receptive. Be in touch soon.


PS After listening to the CD, I gave Ingmar and Lisa a proposal to just do the visuals for Paddle to the Sea concerts. There’s not enough time to raise funds AND do the work, so I gave them a sweet rate and friendly payment terms. 13 minutes total (13 one minute interstials) for $6500 if we used the book content and $10,500 to do all original content, (no licensing fees to the publisher) so they could keep all their ticket revenue. Ha, ha – sticker shock. As an alternate, I thought they might get some free work out of FNM, NMC or Interlochen. I think that’s what they are going to pursue. From game development to slideshow – I love this business!

PPS Keanu Reeves is currently working on a project called Daughter of God, I bumped into him shooting while I was in NYC but didn’t know at the time that was the project. Spooky.

Everything with placeholders to establish composition and rough in all elements. Whatever models are built, half built just get the shots assembled.  Recruitment for Aaron or others is a great motivation.

So there’s sort of the recruitment build, and we can render builds out frequently because that would be so much fun watching it come together, getting more detailed. Interactions between shots will be more obvious too.

Can Josh send me the stabilized comp?

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