Here’s the home page up until December 3, 2015. Before today, I was concerned with feeling competent and professional, yearning for some slight traction in this giant, out of control, crazy short film which has dragged on for 10 plus years. šŸ™‚

My current paradigm is a retool of where I started, ergo that making this movie is about making myself. I started this project to launch a whole new version of me, more ambitious and amazing than ever before. Becoming a dude who lives his full potential. I love that.

I like the following because it’s a snapshot of me trying to find the way in an action only world, absentmindedly misplacing my magic and trying to move forward on organized effort alone. How I felt was important, sure, but not primary. This was a Dan slightly lost, trying to stand tall against a dark specter of frustration and heartbreak when the sparkling waters of eternal life are everywhere. DOG isn’t a problem, a heavy cross to bear, an obstacle to my happiness. It’s my golden ticket to full being, deep connection, all manner of groovy and excellent stuff. Clear, yes?


Gaze upon the vast vista of information that is the development reference for Daughter of God. What can we see?

An evolving development paradigm integrates elements of story, technical execution and distribution / connection.

“Simple reports about inventories and tasks, either projected or completed”. This blog could be a system for managing prioritizing tasks. Immediately, we’ll need to aggregate related content for prop design.

“The planning and progress reports are interesting as archives and yield some general insights, but they are not crucial to finishing the edit.” They are crucial for revealing best practices, and designing superior strategies, work habits and attitudes. Ultimately, this reference will also include all writings intended for public consumption, eg posts from the original blog and future recreations of key events in the ‘making of’ such as Eiji ditching his stash at the Canadian border in full view of the immigration surveillance cameras.

Timeline of what was happening and why, for purposes of wrangling financial and expense information.

The spreadsheet “inventory”, which identifies media files will be imported and indexed if feasible.

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