excerpt from 2014/04/25/cub-scout-skeleton/
on the pier cub scout skeleton with thompson sub machine gun. Mickey Mouse mask nearby?

[Mickey ears (and gloves) and half mask on Amazon, Cub scout uniform yellow neckerchief, blue button down, medals etc., childs skull.

excerpt from 2014/07/23/modular-projects/
Christina walking into frame, shells at ground level, she kicks one, cafes and various signage, what do the stone buildings suggest? cut out the white building and buildings on the horizon, add broken skyscrapers. is this greenpoint? manhattan drowned?

excerpt from 2011/08/21/08-21-11-inventory-notes/

What can I do with this still life shooting style? What can be brought out? … to tell the story. Cut between or unusual VFX that otherwise wouldn’t be visible if these shots weren’t available. on gangplank she’s kicking shells out of the way. The deck is full of sandbags and… gun emplacements?

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