11-13 Climate Change, Flooding

Series of 3 brick sets shots pulls back visually (stream, beach, ocean) while zooming into the geographic location, (Earth/North American Continent, A City, New York City).

11 brick stream with globe (close)

A stream burbles around a weathered globe, half submerged in a cascade of bricks. There might be a bit of tape or a stained and bleached post-it note improbably clinging to it with a scrawl, (u r here). Definitely somewhere on Earth. This image suggests school, library, nations, history, geography – wiped out.

The globe is a potent symbol,  implying – we live on a planet, we have seen the earth from space, there are nations with borders, borders were often determined by conflict, globes were found in schools and libraries, maybe that’s what these bricks once were, the library in Alexandria burned and knowledge was lost, do children still go to school, can people still read…

12 brick beach with submerged Wall Street sign (mid)
Plenty of towns have Wall Streets. A hint about where we might be. Wall Street is underwater, in the muck, below the sparkling surface. Lazy water laps at a beach of bricks. A building collapsed here, maybe many. Bricks, bricks everywhere.

13 brick shoreline panorama with slanted Empire State and Chrysler Buildings  (wide)Enough buildings to make a whole shoreline of red brick rubble. Out in the water, two iconic skyscrapers slant toward each other, supported by a city’s worth of submerged debris. Some flora appears to have colonized the buildings. Confirmation, beloved NYC. An mini homage to POA.

[Add mortar and maybe rusted rebar to the first two, otherwise just a pile of bricks]

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