Miami signs and light snow?
Sign for exit 69, Big Beaver?
Single big truck spun and flipped across both lanes? A single car half on and half off the roadway? Was a refugee running towards something… or away?
A pile of cars?
Empty gantry for Space Ark or launch platform from When Worlds Collide ramp with rocket still perched at top. Exit sign, (Space Ark Embarkation, 3 miles)
A defunct Martian Tripod, lit briefly by the passing sun

Massive starship in the clouds, aka Childhoods End / Independence Day with Pictographs in foreground (Ancient Astronauts)

We apologize! Teleport booths out of order due to transient temporal anomalies.
Printing vivid fash in wearable wilds, now all your inner animals out

mediatronic t-shirt on corpse or store window, flashing through the t-shirt slogans

Worlds fair globe another shot? What’s this shot about? It’s NY, so that’s kinda cool. Domino effect, see T-Rex shot.

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