8-9 rising tension and explosive birth

Out of the darkness and into the light, hurtling through stony birth canal or rigid urethra of the penis to the tunnels exit and dramatic emergence of the divine agent into physicality, the supposedly mundane world. Along the way brief flashes of signage, both clean fonts and hand lettered (Now leaving Secret Lair in the Mountain 33.61, did you remember to turn off the oven? Have an NSA day! Wilderness Begins). Perhaps brief glimpse of battle scene before the light overwhelms the image. [1] Sound tribute to the approach of Evil in Evil Dead 2, rising tension that crescendos into a pseudo explosion and blinding white!

[1] this would require a low reverse shot of carnage

10 Joe swerves around the carnage

Anti-climatic outcome, departure of suit gut on humble bicycle, swerving around the carnage of the battle, POV from within the lair. Again hear the streaming broadcasts, begin visual exposition.

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