signage within the lair – welcome-to-dog/

We then travel metaphorically into the black of the tunnel (mystery receptive, yin, black hole), and emerge on the black of Uncle Joe’s iStone (bulging with secret intelligence, yang, quasar)  which he is tossing lightly toward POV directly above his hand. The size and orientation of the rock match the tunnel opening.

Perhaps from 3 to 4 the tunnel opening sort of subtly bulges with black and stone texture, then the iStone recedes into the tunnel opening, bulges out again with more clearer texture and shape and then as the stone falls back, the exterior dissolves to black leaving just the stone which drops into Joe’s hand. The broadcasts are slightly louder.

Touches stone and audio quiets.

The interface activates, an oval approximating the oblong shape of the iStone, almost as if the stone’s texture goes to glass  as Joe touches. The interface of icons and menus fits into an oval shape. The screen comes up (from sleep) with icons and message ‘scanning local public streams’. On the interface are weird icons which hint at ominous powers Joe might wield – summon demon cat, kidnap via flying saucer, open the all seeing eye, call down a lightning strike…   Joe activates the ‘all seeing eye’  to check the status of his three primary concerns, 1) the home office, 2) Christina singing, 3) Gerry sleeping (apparently). A snapshot of each character’s starting place before Joe offers the call to adventure. Interface presents a transcript of the spoken word on the fly, indicating speaker, language and so forth. The dudes in the office are kibitzing, seem on low alert. Christina and Gerry are basically in stasis, primed for his intervention. Confirming that everything is going according to plan, he returns the iStone to Scan Regional Public Streams.

Wide shot, we see a shadowy figure holding and looking at his hand, the IStone. He is in a cavernous space atop a huge decrepit machine, generator, fan? There’s light from the interface in his hand. Again the sound of streaming amateur audio broadcasts and the light goes out. He puts the phone in his pocket. Iconic hat and suit are clearly visible but maybe his face is shadowed. There are bunker slits along the far wall and the reverse shot of the battle aftermath can be seen through them.

[important that we get a clear view of suit and hat in this shot while the face is in shadow for later matching shot. new pass at masks and color correction. lazily swinging light bulb on long chord over head?]

He holds the players in the palm of his hands, their fates, casually tossing. Perhaps before activating the surveillance interface he’s casting their fortunes, generating iching hexagrams with each toss, rolling dice. The iStone is a mini black hole, sucking all into it’s influence.

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