The raft has three steps left – build the ladder and platforms on the tower, set the anchors and buoy, set the deck, launch and connect. Then I’ve got to find someone to watch for a week to be sure all is well while I am on North.


I like doing things. I like creating. I enjoy the process of realizing outcomes. I enjoy sharing outcomes with others.

I notice my progressive emotional uplift. I enjoy clarifying. I am good at focusing on excitement, joy and confidence. I celebrate myself. I am getting things done, specifically, I am converting clutter into productive and fun outcomes. I am renewing my energy, I am preparing myself for abundance and deep rapture.


Anita H. (first cedar tower)
World Citizen Fair and Wonderland tribe (version .9)
Michael M (retrieval)
William J (consultation)
Benzie County Road Commission (forgiveness)
Lou Penzie (rescue and towing)
Seeds and Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore (black locust decking)
Alex B (welding and fabrication)
Ben W (prep, painting, construction and enthusiasm)
Brianna M ( bikini painting and enthusiam)
Robert and Joe C (anchor support – cement mixer)
Dan Kelly (vision stewardship)

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