Ok, now that I’ve had a taste of that life, I’d like more. I’d like to not just array myself with the trappings of competency, I want to experience radically higher achievements of love, art, effectiveness, wealth, pleasure, direction.

The first thing is to thank the universe for the time I had with Louise. To be so grateful for the moments of ecstatic intensity. To have loved so clearly. To have extended so much trust to her, to the universe. I have improved from the experience because I am determined to learn whatever I can. I am a better man. I know more.

Now, onward. The noise I am experiencing is coming either from inside the house or inside my head. We need some new noises. I want to clean, I want to sweep out the stuck energy and enjoy the wonderful gift of this life! I want to learn, learn, learn. Specifcally, I have in the back room defined what I mean by health. It’s a wide array of experiences.

Taking a page from NVC, I want to experience rather than evaluate. Constantly abstracting experience into cognitive labels doesn’t serve. I want to be done with that. I want to focus on what this life feels like and measurable achievements I want to log. I don’t want to be a warrior or artist, that doesn’t describe anything. I want to feel creative force, I want to be able to move toward my outcome with joy and savvy, whatever I encounter. Can do man.

This is so good, to write so. Let us take action now towards enjoying organization, competancy, efficiency. Then we can write more. GTD, NVC, whee!

One more thing. As May blooms into our life, let’s remember that we are on the path and manifesting wonder all around. Create and enjoy a dynamic experience of who and what I am – the concept that I am something is without merit. It’s hard work and pretty pointless to establish what a label actually means in terms of experience, so why even label? Just facilitate experience. I am what I choose to focus on. I want to learn how to love life, to be an epic level life lover. There’s my last label.

I am not an artist, I make art sometimes.

I am not a lover, I just love to love

I am not a warrior, I like to glide through resistance with a smile

see how this works? Let’s focus on the experiences that labels supposedly infer, but are often lost in the abstraction. Ok, computer stays on, time for some experience of joy in cleaning and clearing. Reset!

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