So any evaluation based on wrongness or rightness, goodness or evilness is not helpful. What are my needs in a situation?

Another evaluation – I am surrounded by people who do not walk my exact spiritual path. Their path is different and of course, they can’t be raised by my parents, fit into my clothing, eat the same apple I eat, so how could they be on my path – at the exact same moment I walk that path? Temporal and spatial interpenetration is certainly uncommon, many might even say impossible. So why would I want my fellow manifestations to experience exactly what I experience? Maybe occassionally – but it’s fun to share what we can.

So what’s the plan? We’re going to be finishing the accounting, then build the LLCs to hold the current projects, then finishing the projects and releasing them, then writing stories for publication, then fundraising for new shorts, making new shorts, experiments and proof of concepts, then raising money for the features, then making features or epic multi-episodal vehicles for awareness, maybe a teaching with the trappings of a story, or better a learning, an epiphany, a surpise, an awakening. Each episode a increase in awareness for the character, how they found their way. Does the character remain coherent, static or do they blur out, disassemble and then snap into focus looking unprecedented.

So there’s all the paper rags, the podcasts, a Cory Doctorow sort of site. Screenplay adaptations creative commons.

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