January 15, 2015

Love? Was, Now What? Volume 1

she – there was this time
he – two three years ago
she – when we were totally in love
she – now were pretty close
(leaning in, smiles)
he – not lovers tho
she – no no
he – but we’ve done, dealt with, a lot
she – yeah trust
(nodding, half smile)
he – trust, we’ve got
she – and we help each other through
he – the occasional heartbreak
she – too
(haltingly, eyes up scanning the archives)
he – when was the last time we kissed
(reading his mind)
she – the deepest?
(absently, thinking)
he – uh huh, shading to fey…
(fidgeting – looking into her lap)
she – awhile I’d say
(turning to her, wryly)
he – or was it just the other day
she – wanna try a taste now
(straight man)
he – purely for science
she – and how
(a little shy at first move in on each other. both turn toward camera
and look right into lens, at first embarrassed, then hamming it like they
are making private porn, goofing. Inevitably pulled back into their shared moment which is much more magnetic than the camera, the audience. Gravitationally attracted to each other, starts with very gentle kiss, barely contact. the tentative rediscovery of a forgotten super power. Then more.)


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