Here are notes from around the time Ada Bee was here and perhaps slightly earlier or slightly after.


[10-31-14 – Notes on dressing Rosie before the shoot]


ND on portholes
reference photos day time morning 9-12, 2-4, 6-8
hanging pots, cookware
plants tomato
build screen doors and skylight
practical lights, energize electrics battery inverter and charger
fill water tank
lots of lil clamps for hanging
mesh bags
bag of peat moss
replace bulbs
5:22 sun setting on skylight, beginning of opening 4:20 would probably be the beginning if joe was reclining on a pillow



[10-31-14 – ideas about the opening sequence, referring to the tunnel sequence, the very beginning]

could be a mad military song repeating, the humvee’s speakers
instead of signs [ 10-31-14 like the announcements on Catch 22, friendly upbeat voice]
wall street / empire state building
worlds fair globe
N trump
car represents what?
[10-31-14 I think this refers to having a car on the beach in the foreground of the Empire State Building shot]
– cop car
– school bus
– sports car
– electric car

[ i think this refers to the tire on the creek, waht to do about it, which we’ve decided to turn into a globe of the world]
tire swing
tug boat bumper
motor cycle NYPD
roulette wheel


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