June 14, 2014 mediatronic summary.

A computational granule is a simple computer that can transmit, receive, process and store data, enclosed in a capsule that can either absorb or reflect energy, primarily electromagnetic (light) and to a lesser degree kinetic (pressure waves or sound).

A surface becomes mediatronic when sprayed with computational granules suspended in a conductive medium. A small percentage of granules contain OS fragments. As the medium cures, dense connections form between the granules. A thin and powerful processor is the result, powered by ambient light and able to display monochrome graphics across it’s entire surface. The varying intensities of light on each granule makes the mediatronic surface an image sensor and touchscreen, air pressure changes on each granule make it an effective microphone. Sound can only be generated by reflecting and distorting existing pressure waves. Mediatronic graphics are mostly black to maintain a net gain of energy. Encapsulated granules are not usually luminescent but merely reflective, appearing white in white light.

Portions of the mediatronic surface can be configured as antennae, enabling discontinuous mediatronics to connect. Clusters of mediatronic boxes form stax, which can then pool processing and power resources to communicate with other stax, often around the world via bursts of shortwave packets or pax.

June 12-13 working out the mediatronic rationale

The boxes are networked and were sort of a devolved internet – no sound, black and white, low resolution, mostly ads and some headlines. The network is now down, so expired network messages.

Boxes = devolved world wide web

Stacks of boxes, series of tubes. Information super highway

Clusters of boxes, flying boxes, dropped boxes, sky box web

constellation, cluster, galaxy, spiral, the utility of the box is the emptiness inside. The big empty (space), the bubbling nothing, the nothing boxing, short box, the short box, short stack paks (packets)

listening for short stack paks…

checking for fresh paks…

pinging staks…

no fresh paks in 4024 hours

ready for fresh paks

asking stacks

Regional clusters of boxes are stax, exchanging packets (pax) via radio. When conditions are ideal, stax can bounce pax off the atmosphere and around the world, thus linking stax together. Originally, the stax were a closed protocol for distributing advertising and news, but the stax are leaky, and experimenters with time on their hands have begun to inject creative content. So the internets reemerges, routing around censorship and commercial agendas, persisting in spite of the missing copper and fiber optic infrastructure. It’s rather quaint and halt, with low resolution black and white visuals and no audio, but the mediatronic skin can recharge from direct sunlight or energy beamed tesla like from other box in the stax.

A box is an energy harvester and broadcaster, digital transmission, reception and display device, network node / wireless repeater, and holder of stuff. It is also a surveillance device, tho this is not common knowledge.

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