when things settle down…
past all the hubbub…
upon return to normalcy…
after the trails and tribulations…

we shall return… to our golden age

utopia has been postponed until after the fall of civilization

reputations are suspended for the duration of the crisis, trade with care


Are you tired of this -> skull Renewal is just a prick away! Monofilament Macros Prick Pecks.

How lost we would be in the future. We can get only a sidewise glancing peek.

Prick = click or select
Packs / Pecks = packet, shortwave data chunk

JESUS IS A MACHINE in passion font and patras and pauline font [06-07-14]

Printed Porkchops? Pauli Po’s are the People’s Choice! Voted most mouthlicious by Motherfuckers 2020!

[06-17-14] for perfect provenance, choose printed, digilickerscious

The first few waves of catastrophe were not recognized as the leading edge of a larger pattern, and so the people of the information nations assumed an eventual resumption of normalcy. The mediatronic enabled boxes were utilized not only to identify the contents and update citizens on local conditions, but to project an aura of normalcy with ubiquitous ads, which most everyone had become conditioned to seeing in their personal and public spaces.

Micropower luminescent mediatronic ink provides for monochromatic text and images. Each box is a node in an encrypted shortwave packet network, enabling updates. Eventually, the network authorizing authority was knocked out, so updates are now quite stale. Error icons “no network” and messages “network update failed, this info may be expired”.

Individual boxes could be hacked, so some messages could be under local control.

first wave of mediatronic ads

Ads 04-24-14




t-shirts-street-art-posters 11-10-11



There’s more hiding somewhere. Finish the Inspiration file and then hunt the drives. Where are the senseless slogans?


In these times of trouble, who has time to think of lawncare
in these times of trouble, do you miss your lawn?
can we still enjoy a lawn?
you can still enjoy a lawn!

be the first in your cantonment with a lush green lawn – turphome, more alive than ever

double grass. verdant dome, emerald wind

turphy says “be the first in your cantonment with a lush cumphy sprawl for grounding and super safe kiddy crawls” TURPHOME! order drone delivery now.

credited against your future shares of global wealth redistribution, let the rich pay

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