From 08-06-08 DOG Planning 5

2.1.4 quick to uncle joe, what am i letting out. he’s a dangerous character, finding some sort of rehabilitation. a criminal, a savage and ruthless killer, a twisted samari, a pushbutton murderer. that is in me (dan kelly) somewhere. remember his whole deal, there’s an occluded person there, deliberately occluded, self deceived. and yet there’s another part of him that begins to wake up somehow. god has started to turn his heart, saul to paul.

2.1.5 and the warrior code, he just discovered that it might exist, and that being an operative is not enough, that he is a warrior. they conned him into something less than that, fooling him into thinking he was living his hearts desire, corrupting his dream into something suitable for their work. what penance will he have to pay?


Ok with 2.1.4, but how did they use him 2.1.5? What were his motivations originally, what was the original master plan, what happened to change his heart and how did he subvert it. Or was subversion his agenda from the get go?

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