From 08-06-08 DOG Planning 5 boxes are a metaphor, the architecture of transience they are labeled like the props in ragel gumms world, symbolizing the various trappings of domesticity – living room, library, bathroom, bicycle…


Not just refugee supplies, toolkits for restarting civilization and ecosystems.

Biodiversity Kit, Grasslands Zone 5 with Megafauna.
Now with voles!
Restart collapsed ecosystems, start today! Just 20 minutes of rapt attention in exchange for our entire spectrum of robust genetic remediation, customized to your region.
After civilization is restored, don’t forget to visit Freck’s Slightly Used Furbs! Select stock from pro trades… and color!

Open Source Ecology

Civilization Starter Kit

Brick Kiln
Tractor, Amphibious

Powered Armor, Citizen Mil Spec. 33x7d, female.

Resin Android Decoy – child, Citizen Mil Spec. 223cc3

Resin Android Decoy – canine, Citizen Mil Spec 102vc0


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