How the project is organized and maintained, including this document. Establish and maintain a definitive DOG reference to aggregate related content, enhancing access, specifically to do prop design [04-25-14]. Ultimately, this both facilitates completion and ends the obsessive, repetitious writing that results from not being able to find legacy content.

  • locate legacy content, post with legacy date and source, markup for aggregation

Inspiration documents (outines) conversion.

DO NOT open the file – duplicate the file and move to desktop to preserve the date of the archived original, then open. [Edit/prefix labels/legal]. If the file has many sublevels, remove indents with [Edit/prefix labels/custom]. [File/transfer to word processor] will open in NeoOffice with numbers and indents that will persist. Copy and paste into TextEdit in plain text mode (TextEdit/Preferences) to strip out non printing chars that slow down WordPress. Copy and paste into new WordPress post.

  • build references for specific tasks by aggregating all relevant content
  • capture a current queue of near term objectives, revise and sort

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