Written and Directed

Dan Kelly


Steve Zilliax
Shri Fugi Spilt
Carmen Althaus
Eiji Sumi
Philip Silverstein
Ada Bee Loeding Matthews

Shortwave broadcast

Claire Hallereaux
Arabelle Clitandre
Shri Fugi Spilt


Maho Sone
Gary Matthews

Special Thanks

Penn railroad
Philippa Kaye (Empire State Building)
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Stephen Kelly (blue toilet)
Allison Kelly (Foley house, blue toilet, 2003 Odyssey)
Mike and Sarah Kelly (San Juan river trip)
Meg and George Zilliax (having steve, ADR support)
Carly Zilliax (making Steve glad that he got deported)
Ada Bee Loeding (loan of mom)
Seamus Callaghan (loan of mom)
Michael Vitti NYC Final Cut Pro Users Group and Motion Picture Collective
After Effects New York (AENY) Aaron Rabinowitz and…
Pete O’Connell (roto tutorials)
Caral Lopez, NY Suites
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston in Kingston Ontario Canada

Michell Yhan (Nuke contractor educated me about bidding for roto)
Sonya Di Mambro, Foriegn Worker Program Officer
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston in Kingston Ontario Canada

Ann Blake
Gordon ?
George Exford
The Board of Trustees

The Sleepless Goat Cafe and Workers’ Co-op
Casablanca B&B: Nick and Kellie Loshak


Ann Loeding

1st AD

Melonie Steffes

Camera Assist

Patrick Kelly
Ndong Essinga

3D models and rendering

Jonathan Kelly

VFX consultants
Josh Peirsma

Make up

Layna Roberts

Stylist to Mr Sumi

Virginia Webster

Assistant to Ms Matthews


Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise
Composed and Performed by

Dan Kelly
Ndong Essinga


Ndong Essinga

Dedo kit courtesy of

Martijn Hart


Eshan Verma

Richa Jain

Ben Woody
Magno Borgo
Cody Stowe


Cody Stowe

Ben Woody

Cameron Diaz

Micah Oelze

Louise Somerville

Project Attorney

Innes Smolansky

John Tormey (not included)

Gratis advice from the author of clearance and copyright Michael Donaldson, see legal inventory

Web Support

Jordan Bates



Alex Bridges

Spook Art

Fabrice Covelli

Catering in Kingston, Canada

Sleepless Goat

Lodging in Kingston, Canada


Alexander Henry



Film Emporium




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