[Process Log 02/09/14]

We started this epic war for revenge and it has brought us to the edge of the world. The world we know, the gods we know. I want to see this edge for myself, the priests of amon have declared me the son of god, and perhaps this is why we’ve been able to do so much, more than any men have ever done. For we’ve passed over the entire world and what heros in all these lands have accomplished what we have? Now at the end of the world, what else could lay beyond but the gods themselves, beyond the human domains, they must be. To turn back now would mean my death, only by moving ever closer to the edge can I live, and you men through your courage and determination have brought me here. You have made me king of the persian empire, whose mightly palace I foolishly burned, for did it not belong to me, to all myceneans? Did not your wives and children suffering by your long absence pay for it with their tears? I have become the new Darius, if I forsake the world and return to Mycenae, some persian hero might seek revenge on us and bring an army against our children. The gods have brought us thus far, revenge is ours in full. For most of you men, your long years away from home are over, you have won the war. As you all know, I am not like other men. My life began with revenge and now I must find some other reason to live or else perish. To know the edges of the world, that is my life now. You men have a choice and each should make it freely. You have come across the earth with me, and now many of you are ready to return, over ready I dare say. Return to Mycenae, or any of the lands we have conquered between here and Mycenae. Establish yourself and prosper. Aristotle said that we greeks are fit to govern the world, go then and settle our empire or return to your birth place. I will continue, alone if I must, onward. If there are any among you who wish to come with me, then come. Either is a noble choice, each man demonstrates their love for me by choosing his hearts desire. My hearts desire is to continue, to be a fit king for our empire by knowing it’s full extent. My destiny now is at the edge of the world. We will have a counsel now and by each man’s choice, form a plan for the returning and for any that wish to go on. If the army is reduced to a fraction of it’s strength, what matter? We fought and won when we’ve been vastly outnumbered. We will take or build what we need and our numbers will be enough. Your love sustains me whether you are settled or tramping the wastes by my side. We are Mycenaens, we are the world.

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