Technical development compiles research and problem solving about software, physical props and workflow. Each observation is proceeded by a descriptive title and date. The documentation provides enough detail and background so as to be intelligible far into the future.

*** AE masks pasting in offset position

Copying masks from a layer and pasting into another sometimes creates offsets. In roto this is a huge problem as the position of animated masks must be precise. One might select all the masks and move them to the proper position but this is a hassle. A work around. Paste and determine the offset in frames. Assuming the target layer needs the masks at frame 1, mark the target layer at frame 1, move the playhead forward the offset number of frames, snap the beginning of layer 1 to the playhead position, extend the beginning of the layer back to frame 1, paste the mask into the target layer (it should come in at the marker) and contract the layer back the marker and snap the layer back to frame 1

There’s actually a plug in to do this or something like it automatically.

*** When importing the FCP 7 file for act 1 into AE, it misses the following files

  • air wrench
  • servo 3
  • telephone 3
  • radio short wave

we’re checking the sync of other sequences

we might consider reexporting the fcp 7.0 sequence

*** the door in shot #40 seems to shift position because of the mask cutting part of it away. Prolly joe’s shift is the same thing.

*** #88, #90, silhouette of gerry, key rack could be lit from behind, giving strong silhouette and the room could be overall darker

*** DOG props and sets

• clean shack
• which shots?
• tools inventoried
garage, clean and total blackout
• ben and dan AE inventions tutorials(?)

*** pier

will motion blur work? Consistent geometry for moving elements like legs in pier shot and c hand in 62 assemble

*** how am I going to master render the entire project? Which computer can handle the entire project? How much RAM is needed. Will AE choke?

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