Escape Pod
Ep339, “Run,” Bakri Says.
Ferret Stienmetz

next morning 4:57 am

What I”d have to learn to make run bakri said is what the experience of getting shot is like, how that would change a person. The physiological emotional transformation would in some sense actually happen to me because I would have to understand how to translate into a believable experience, one that a person who had actually been shot would recognize. The stories I choose to tell will determine what I will become, or I can become what I want by choosing which stories I decide to tell

that afternoon Micheal Jackson Dance! Shout! Do know that I want you, with headphones SF musical. Spiral nebula spinning, contrast with bad tension danger
Melachrino Strings And Orc
Flirtation Waltz
over the top, waltz and fun

Walter Wanderly Taste Of Sadness Samba Swing

this also good

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