Just opening Richa’s latest pss on Christina changing. Looking at the boxes and clothing on the bed. Before I check RIcha and Eshan’s work, I’m just flashing on what comes next – masking out the clothing and box flaps, box labels in all their glory, speed ramps corresponding to her time scale, color correction.


An unexpected outcome from compiling all the project media and writings into this reference blog (which I’ve been at for the last 3-4 days, after my second run at MAMP) has been to keep the long view in the foreground. Will this activity contribute or distract, am I about to make an unrealistic prediction? A hard nosed pragmatic and intensely encouraging feeling, as if I might actually know what the fuck I am doing. Sensing the inherent implications of my actions.

From SOMAFM today Mb – Woody Green

Photo on 4-16-14 at 4.10 PM #2 Photo on 4-16-14 at 4.10 PM #4

Why am I wearing an eye patch. Not just because I look swell in an eye patch, no because of the persistent eye infection i got while busting up ice on the Thaw of the Dead shoot without wearing any eye protection. Some kind of zombie virus that just refuses to die.

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