1. Now we come to the trickiest part of the inventory, dealing with the planning and vision documents and consolidating them into an accessible master reference.
  2. One approach might be to categorize – technical, and story. Those are two categories but how do they help? What’s wanted is an approach for storing the insights so that we don’t reinvent the wheel, a lab manual that can be scanned. That’s why I like opening and closing outlines. So let’s build and see where it gets us…
  1. elements of a comprehensive inventory include phone messages, all emails, vision recordings eg iphone, etc. these were not included in our milestone description but could be of value.
  1. we’ve got a lot of entries 2005-2008, and some of them fit into multiple categories. Would be great if they could be tagged, like a blog and then they’d be searchable. Aside from a blog, I don’t know anything that could do that, and could we imagine building an archival blog from all this? yes. this would become a reference.
  2. note summary, date in parens, sort by date
  3. there are basically two categories – 1) simple reports about inventories and tasks, either projected or completed and 2) everything else. everything else is either some sort of discussion about new stories, story enhancement, problem solving, technique, lessons learned, theory, mission, motivation, morale – creative expressions and process analysis. That’s the core we are looking for and worthy of commentary. The planning and progress reports are interesting as archives and yield some general insights, but they are not crucial to finishing the edit.
  1. inventory / tasks – projected/completed
  1. the core categories actually fall in order of precedence. Entries about story are most important, then the artist because thinking about process helps me to know what I’ve learned how to keep the gumption up, then technique because not all of that relates to the task at hand but is useful and audience because that comes later anyway.
  2. 04-12-14 The core categories and their subcategories from this legacy Vision and Planning document became categories.

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