an idea for story, a premise, scenario. the broad scope, what happens. then each scene along the way is it’s own universe, it ‘s own assignment with a beginning (start here) and ending (arrive here). we know from the broad scope or outline the crucial points, writing the details is just a question of defining where that scene has to go from and get to, then it’s a romp, a meandering, an improv. knowing the start and the end is the tough part. so the sweeping overview defines a series of key events which becomes a pairing of starts and stops that are eventually elaborated on.

a personal starship runs out of fuel and is forced to land on a small rocky planet. many other ships are also marooned there. a community of stuck travelers form an adhoc community and attempt to figure out why they are here. so why are they all there? mystery solution 1, 2, 3. fill in the blanks. how does that change what we believe about the nature of existence, human sexuality, consciousness? write about what we know.

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